A Sandy Bay Blanket story

Way back in January, when I already had several different crochet projects on the go, I spotted that one of my favourite bloggers was starting a new CAL (Crochet-Along). That blogger was Eleonora at Coastal Crochet. In my experience up to this point CALs usually involve purchasing a wool pack to accompany the project (which is absolutely fine) but the thing that made me want to join was that this was completely open to interpretation. You could use any coloured yarn from your stash, which meant I could start right away! So I did.

Another great attraction for me was that Eleonora released the pattern for just a couple of rows twice a week, so it was really easy to keep up with, and if I fell a few weeks behind, I soon caught up! At no point did I feel overwhelmed.

I decided early on that as the name was ‘seaside’ related it had to have marine inspired colours to begin with;

But I also wanted it somehow to have a connection to Gibraltar. But how? The western side of the Rock is its best known angle but that’s a bit complicated, so I opted for the eastern side. But Catalan Bay has so many colours that I couldn’t envisage how to include them all.

Then it hit me, Sandy Bay! It has one long developement across the whole of the Bay, with white apartments, terracotta roofing and yellow sun canopies!

The blanket became my companion and came away with us on holiday…

I soon found myself chosing colours to reflect the surroundings in Sandy Bay; beach umbrellas and paddle boards, the houses and the spring flowers growing on the Rock behind.

Above the houses are the old water catchments, which in spring are green and covered with wild flowers…

I chose yarn colours to reflect the yellow and pink flowers, then the greys and dark greens of the rocky face and shrubs above.

Last of all, it was time for the sky, and well, Gibraltar can often be found wearing its cloudy Levanter hat, so that had to feature too!

Before I knew it, I was completing the last few rows and it was almost time for the border. But first, there was the messy/boring job of weaving in all my endy bits… this was about a third of them!!

Then time for the border…

So, are you ready for the big reveal?

Can you see it? That’s my Dad humouring my silliness and holding it up for me on Sandy Bay beach!

Thanks Dad!

For the border I used grey (for the Rock), dark green for the shrubs on the Rock and blue with white wiggles which could represent the cloudy sky or the waves.

I’m really happy with it now it’s all finished and a bit sorry this lovely project has come to an end. A lovely community of crocheters from around the globe came together on Instagram and in Blogland, all united by this project – thank you Eleonora for taking us all along for the Seaside Stashbusting Blanket ride!

21 thoughts on “A Sandy Bay Blanket story

  1. Oh my word…. this is just amazing!! You totally embraced the idea and I just adore your perfect colours of Sandy Bay!! Your blanket really is stunning in so many ways!! Thank you so much for crocheting along… it was a special journey for sure wasn’t it…. 😊❤️❤️❤️ (and love your Dad helping out!) xx

  2. I just love your story blanket – and hearing about the thoughts behind your colour choices. It is a triumph! Hurray for your Dad!
    It has been a delight watching all the different Seaside blankets grow as I was involved in different Cals. (I always use my own colours) The feeling of community and support that builds with each Cal is such a joy isn’t it.
    Hopefully Eleonora will do another one someday and I will be able to join in.

    1. Yes it’s an amazing thing to get involved in, I’ve loved every minute. And yes, hurray for my Dad, he was a star… “up a bit, down a bit, hold it there!” 😊 I’m thrilled with the blanket and the colour choices I made along the way x

  3. This looks lovely. It’s great to see it in its entirety after watching it grow from afar 😍

  4. I love the way you approached your blanket.. and such a beautiful finish!
    Congratulations.. its gorgeous!

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