Sunday sevens #34 5.6.16

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series devised by Natalie at Threads & Bobbins blog.

Bank holiday Monday

We had a very quiet non-eventful bank holiday Monday. The tiniest Postcard was a bit off colour so we didn’t ‘do’ a great deal. There was a spot of gardening and general tidying up along with a trip to the tip (non-stop glamour round ours) but I did get out for a nice walk on Monday evening. We’d had mixed weather over the weekend but Monday was warmer and sunnier even though it was a bit blowy. I went out to take few photos for an up-coming Stroll around Gibraltar, I thought I’d make the most of the nice evening and get ahead with my planned posts. I was treated to this lovely view on my wanderings.

Tuesday evening making up session

These little dinosaurs weren’t going to make themselves. I felt sorry for them lying at the bottom of a bag in bits… Here’s a sneaky peak of my progress so far… Will they be finished by the end of the week??

A trip to the Museum

Wednesday was a bit unusual for me as our eldest had a teacher training day at school so I enjoyed his company while the other two were in school. It was a rare chance for the two of us to do what we wanted.

We decided to pay a visit to the Gibraltar Museum. We hadn’t been for a while and quite a bit has changed there. A lot of work has been done focusing on the Rock’s ancient past and it’s first known inhabitants, the Neanderthals. We really enjoyed it.

That moment when you really need to be somewhere but a plane’s about to land…. #onlyingibraltar

Thursday saw a mad panic trying to find somewhere to park as I had to get a small postcard to an after school event at the Victoria Stadium. Unfortunately there was a school sports day there at the same time so my usual parking space had been taken, in fact the entire car park was full. Then just as you think you can still make it in time, the plane from Morocco comes in to land, closing the road and everything comes to a stand still. #onlyingibraltar 

Yarnbomb anyone?

Did you know that it’s International Yarnbomb Day next Saturday 11th June? I’ve done a little bit of research and as far as I can tell Gibraltar hasn’t experienced a yarnbomb yet. I think it’s about time – don’t you?

Gastronomy event 

Yesterday saw a Gastronomy event being held in Queensway Quay marina. There were cooking demonstrations by the marina’s restaurants as well as craft and charity stalls and live music. We went along and the boys met up with some friends from school. We sat in the sunshine, had a good chat with friends and ate good food. The perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon!


Meet Spike & Stripe… They are complete…at last! They have a little pal too but he’s a gift which hasn’t yet been given so he’s being shy ;-). I really enjoyed making them and I have a feeling they won’t be the last I make.
Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you have a good week!

14 thoughts on “Sunday sevens #34 5.6.16

  1. Those dinosaurs are so cute. It sounds as if Gibralter is ripe to be yarn bombed and you are probably just the person to organise it. Maybe it’s a bit late for this year though……

  2. Closing a road for a ‘plane to land – only in Gibraltar, indeed! Sod’s Law when you’re already late, though. You got the dinos finished! Very cute. Hope littlest is back on form now:)

    1. I know!!! Sod’s Law indeed! Never mind – we got there eventually!! Just as well there’s a ‘relaxed’ attitude to time keeping here… Littlest is much better thanks, I was convinced we were in for chicken pox but so far that delight has eluded us… Hope you are enjoying your holiday πŸ™‚

  3. LOVE the dinosaurs! Very cute, are they going to be gifts or will you be keeping them? Hope Littlest is feeling better now! Gastronomy event sounds delicious! Looking forward to seeing if you Yarn bomb! Our local town is doing one but you are only allowed to put something up if you ‘sponsor’ the tree/object it’s going on!!

    1. Thank you – they were created for my youngest two. They chose the colours πŸ™‚ and I’m pleased to say they’re very happy with them! Littlest is loads better now thanks – back to the usual level of mischief ;-).
      I’m on my own with the whole Yarnbomb thing. I only decided to do it at the last minute, so hopefully it won’t get taken down and will be appreciated a little while πŸ™‚ I’ll keep you posted…

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