Sunday sevens #13 10.1.16

Passing it on

I, like many crocheters was taught by my Mum and Gran. They also taught me to embroider, sew and knit. As a mother of 3 boys I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity to pass these skills onto the next generation, but to my pleasant surprise I was asked by Number 1 son to teach him cross-stitch several years ago and he made a small picture for his room. Since then, at various times over the course of at least 2 years, he has asked me to teach him to knit. I haven’t been too successful so far, and as is the way when you are young and keen, he has very high expectations (like being able to knit a whole scarf for himself within a day). So far our yarny adventures haven’t been 100% successful. 

In the run up to Christmas I spotted a knitting loom in our local knitting shop and thought perhaps that could be the answer for him. It appears that if you put it down and forget about it for several weeks or months between sessions it should remain intact and not all slide off the end of a needle (as has been the case for us before). At last I had the time to work it out and get him started. This is it so far, it is rather loose (not sure if that’s what’s supposed to happen). Perhaps using chunky wool would be better? Although the lady in the shop said DK would be fine. Anyway he seems to be enjoying it this far lifting the loops of wool over the pegs with a little hook rather like one of those knitting dolls I had as a child. Any advice anyone could give me on this would be greatly appreciated!

Cavalcade  Tuesday of course meant the Cavalcade in Gibraltar (see my previous post for more on this), but it marked the end of the Christmas festivities and really the end of the Christmas holidays for me and the boys. We had a lovely afternoon – we went to see the Peanuts Movie, had a quick dinner in Kings Bastion Leisure Centre (where the cinema is) while dodging an almighty downpour and then met up with Mr Postcard to watch the floats and bands go past. A lovely end to our holiday together.

Med Steps Challenge 

 The gauntlet has been thrown down and I have been set a challenge for 2016 – well until May 2016 anyway. Regular visitors to my blog will have heard me mention every now and then, the Med Steps (or Mediterranean Steps to give them their proper title). It’s a footpath which winds up the Southern and Eastern sides of the Rock of Gibraltar to the summit and is a route I walk fairly regularly to try and keep fit. There’s a contest twice a year which involves walking/running (for the super fit) up the steps and back down again 5 times (yes you read that right) 5 times in the one day. A couple of friends who I have done the steps with in the past have decided to have a go at the challenge, and I am considering having a go too. Thursday marked the first day back at school here in Gibraltar and therefore, training began for us. We managed it… once, in a time of 31 minutes from Jews Gate up to the top. I have heard of much faster times, but for a first training session and after a month of virtual inactivity and perhaps just a little overindulgence over Christmas, I don’t think it was too bad. How on earth we will manage to do it 5 times in a row, I have no idea but I’ll keep you posted on our progress!

Cosy stripe blanket progress
I reached a big milestone this week. I finished the stripes of my Attic 24 Cosy Stripe Blanket. It was begun in November 2014 as a CAL (crochet-along) and over the course of a month or two, crocheting several rows each week, it was due to be finished at the end of the year (2014 that is). I so admire crafters who can knock out several blankets a year, I even saw one crocheter talking recently on Instagram about the fact she had completed 60 – yes 60!!! blankets last year. Well I’m afraid I’m a bit flighty and get easily distracted and like to have multiple crafty things on the go at any one time so I tend to be a one blanket a year (make that 14 months) kind of girl. Now to darn in all those pesky endy bits and crack on with the border!

Mr Potato Head lovers – look away now…

  ….I think he may have exploded! Now I’m sure I said ‘put all that away before bedtime’ but perhaps I was just talking to myself. Do you ever get the feeling no one’s listening to you???

Colourful start to the weekend 

 Yesterday morning we had a real treat outside our front door – double rainbow in the Bay. How beautiful!

Colouring for grown-ups 

 I’ve had loads of fun this weekend playing with one of my Christmas presents, a grown-up colouring book. I had been a bit dubious about the claims of relaxation and mindfulness relating to such activities but I’ve been convinced. It’s not the best effort so far but I’ve had fun doing it!

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21 thoughts on “Sunday sevens #13 10.1.16

  1. Didn’t realise it was a double! Saw one of them out of the window yesterday morning.
    Crocheting is the one thing I never learned from my mother, and the dressmaking I really taught myself, apart from the obligatory DS lessons at school where I outgrew the pyjamas before I’d finished them.
    And … I’ve never done the Med steps either πŸ™ I get vertigo and the top of the Rock really makes me dizzy. So good luck with your challenge. I suspect our neighbour has done it loads of times as he’s a really good runner. He still does veteran races.

    1. Thank you I’ll need all the luck I can get I reckon. I’ll need to put some serious effort into this but at least I will have moral support along the way and we’re not attempting to break any records – just to finish it!

  2. At first glance I thought it read ‘Mad Steps’ and agreed – what a mad idea……. πŸ™‚ Can you tell I’m not good on steps – I once fell down a full flight in a commercial building – made of concrete and put myself in a wheelchair for six months. Good luck with the challenge, even just the training will get you where you want to be I suspect.

    1. Thank you. I think perhaps you need to be a bit mad to attempt them 5 times to be honest! Went back up again this afternoon and it was hard work – and that was just the once. I’m starting to wonder whether I’m aiming too high! Time will tell. Sorry to hear about your fall, sounds awful. No wonder you don’t like stairs anymore- that would put anyone off! Have a good week πŸ™‚

  3. I am a lefty but grandma taught me sewing knitting and crochet as a right hander. Hubby taught me 4 needle knitting so yes teach the boys. My boy is 26 and builds and paints models for his craft. Love the steps. Added them to my list of things to do when I visit. Not sure how many times but I love a challenge! Lovely photos K xXx

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, I’ll definitely persist in passing on my crafts to my boys. Number 2 son has been asking about crochet recently so that’s my next task. I look forward to hearing how you get on on the steps when you visit! πŸ˜€ X

  4. Wow, the Med steps sound quite a challenge! Go you! I think that’s quite a unique fitness challenge too πŸ™‚ I have a couple of colouring books now and find them surprisingly relaxing!

  5. Well good luck with the steps. There is no chance in hell that I would even be able to manage one round but then again my knees and steps don’t really mix in the first place…

    I agree on the speed of producing “items” in still finish two jumpers from last year (or maybe even the year before I forget). I have so much admiration for people who can knock them out in weeks, even months…
    Pippa x

    1. Thanks Pippa, I’ll definitely need all the luck I can get! I’m glad I’m not alone on the production speed issue! Some folk must have sparks coming off their needles or hooks I reckon! πŸ™‚ x

  6. I get so frustrated that I can’t crochet, despite numerous attempts! Wish I’d had someone to teach me, but my mum is a fantastic knitter so mustn’t grumble too much…

  7. Very inspiring post! Those steps look killer, couldn’t possibly manage. Good luck to you in this challenge! (I’m still re-learning, but expect I’ll be a “slow-sewist”, too.)

  8. Oh dear, I can relate to the issue regarding the kids tidying up! Good luck with the Med Steps – sounds like a challenge that you just have to try.

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