Sunday Sevens #1


Over the past few weeks I have noticed a few of the blogs I follow are taking part in a series called Sunday Sevens. It’s a perfect medium to give a brief round up of your week in the form of seven photos and a few words about each of them. The idea was first devised by Natalie at What a good idea – I have been inspired!  So here goes with my very first Sunday Sevens…

1 Watercolour class


As, I imagine, is the case with many craft loving folk, my desire to make stuff on a day to day basis is usually thwarted by everyday life and even when I have a quiet few minutes to myself there’s always that nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that I really should put the washing out or get the dinner on. However, since my boys started back on full-days at school in mid September a rather lovely routine has developed for me on my early weekday mornings. Mondays mean watercolour class, this week we did a workshop on flowers one of which is above. I painted a butterfly a couple of weeks ago but didn’t know what it should sit on, perhaps a daisy-like bloom like the one above?

2 Dressmaking class


Tuesday mornings now mean dressmaking class. Apologies for the uninspiring picture to illustrate it, but I am just practicing the waist band of a skirt before making it up for real. I learned a bit of dressmaking at school and have had a few botched attempts since but I’m very pleased to be taught by a very talented lady with years of teaching and dressmaking behind her. I’ll tell you more about her when I have a bit more to show for my efforts! I’m pleased with my neat seams though.

3 After-school activity bustle


Wednesday was busy and not at all creative, but my youngest and I stopped to have a laugh at our long legged shadows while rushing to collect one of his siblings from an after-school activity!

4 Knitting


Despite learning knitting before crochet, I’m not much of a knitter. I find it much harder to follow knitting patterns and drop stitches from needles in between knitting sessions. Tension is also a problem for me, so all in all it’s not usually my craft of choice. I dusted off my needles on Thursday though as I have a fab pattern I want to make up for a gift for someone special. Depending on how much like the pattern it is, I may or may not share my finished item with you ;-).

5 Leisurely breakfast


On Friday I had a rare day free of any appointments or obligations – it was lovely! Time for a breakfast of Pan Tumaca (crushed tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and salt & pepper on a toasted roll) alongside a large cappuccino – bliss!

6 A cosy Saturday night in


It rained yesterday evening, which was really great for the plants and for us as we were all indoors (less so for those braving the elements). It made for a lovely autumnal atmosphere as we settled down to watch Strictly. I snuggled under my cosy stripe blanket (using the wool pack and pattern from Attic 24), Mr Postcard cooked up his speciality chilli using his homegrown chilli peppers and red peppers. It was just perfect!

7 Feeling Misty


Today we woke up to mist and rain, it was lovely! I’m saying that because we’ve not seen weather like this for such a long time and when we were out in it, we caught the dry gap between showers. With a bit of imagination, we could almost have been in the Lake District or the Scottish Highlands (I did say almost). After a very hot summer and autumn so far, I’m embracing the cooler weather, it reminds me so much of home. Perhaps I won’t be so up beat if it continues for several weeks/months, but for now I’m enjoying it. I’m off now to dig out the wellies and waterproofs ready for tomorrow morning’s school run. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

14 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #1

  1. Have you got a problem with the tension on your sewing machine or is it the image? but the stitches seem to go from small to large? I’ve not sewn for years, my machine needs some TLC, and the last time I made curtains I did them by hand! Top tip though. The best thing I ever did was bought The Vogue Book of Sewing. All you ever need. If you do curtains I have a similarly good book, can’t remember the name though. I’ve done a post on curtains, I’ll add the link in a min.

    I love the rain in Gib. It is so moody. Not that I hobbled out in it. Partner did today and got soaked! Ended up in the Splendid Bar to shelter and chatted to some Jap tourists (couple of big cruise ships in today).

    1. I narrowly missed some of them taking a selfie in the middle of Europa Road! They were rather put out that I was driving past and spoiled their photo! Yes the tension was a bit out on the machine I think. It’s the one we used in class so I haven’t quite mastered it yet! Thanks for the tip on the sewing books I’d love to make decent curtains! It would save me a packet! 🙂

      1. The trio A met had walked to Europa Point and back. They sounded quite nice and really liked Gib. They were asking about whether it was safe to visit Morocco (yes) as their ship stopped at Port Said but no one was allowed off.
        I’ll look up the curtain book ref when I’m at the finca as it is there, but it is classic. Absolutely brilliant. I’m not sure it saved me anything, but it did mean I could spend on good fabric, and I love fabrics 🙂 Plus, I reckon my curtains were better made than anything I could have bought because I asked how they made them in the shop (Bainbridges).

      2. Thanks for that. I always think it’s a shame for the tourists when they arrive for their one day in Gibraltar and the weather’s bad. They head up the Rock and end up looking at the inside of a cloud rather than a sunny view!

  2. Welcome to Sunday Sevens! And what a busy first week you’ve had! I am envious of your classes, I’ve been looking for a watercolour class for a while but I can’t seem to find anything locally, I think I may end up doing something online!

    1. Thank you for the warm welcome Natalie! Yes it was rather a busy week! I love my watercolour class, we have a good laugh while we’re painting and it’s such a relaxing thing to do. We regularly tell our teacher she’s offering a community service for Gibraltar as it calms us all down and makes us nicer to around! I hope you find a suitable lesson soon – I can highly recommend it 🙂

  3. What a lovely round up of your week. The misty photo is lovely and the leggy photo is great, I don’t think I’ve seen shadows quite that long before!! You sound busy with your classes but what a lovely way to be busy 🙂 I hope the knitting goes well too. Have a great week xx

    1. Thanks Sharon, I’m enjoying being busy in a crafty way! I’ve almost finished the knitting actually and it’s not too bad. I’ll include a photo in a future post once the recipient has got it :-). Have a great week too! X

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