Friday photo challenge (week 37) Pride

I’ve gone for national pride for this week’s Friday photo challenge. On Monday, Gibraltar celebrated it’s National Day, and both the place and the people were decked out in the red and white of the Gibraltar flag.

Shop windows looked suitably festive.

And some people went to great lengths to look the part…

Central to the day (aside from eating and drinking with family & friends) is the political rally, in which local and UK politicians speak to the gathered crowd and via TV and radio to those at home.

We even had a pre recorded message from Prime Minister Theresa May in Downing Street. The place was awash with red and white.

There were ticker tape & streamer cannons and even smoke things going off!

We were even treated to a death defying aerobatics display…. I could hardly watch…

And the day was finished off with a fireworks display.

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