Sunday Sevens #106 22.10.17

Greetings from sunny Gibraltar! We are in the middle of a beautiful weekend here on the Rock – the weather here has been perfect; sunny and not too warm.…

Here’s this week’s Sunday Sevens:

Yarny reading…

Those of you who have listened to primary children (in the U.K. or Gibraltar) read in the last 10 or so years may well be familiar with the exploits of Biff, Chip and Kipper. This week a book came home from school which I had been anticipating; The Whatsit.

I saw a fellow crocheter post a photo of the book on Instagram a year or so ago and wondered what it was all about. I don’t think I’m revealing any major plot twists but (SPOILER ALERT!) it’s about the discovery of a wool winder. I had a chuckle when it came out of a school bag this week.

Sleeve & cuff time 

Dressmaking class is moving on apace. This week I was working on my sleeves and cuffs again. Baby steps, but I’m getting there slowly…

Colourful veg

We get through a lot of kale in our house… our four-legged, furry, big-eared friend likes it. Normally it’s boring green kale which we get for our bunny Diamond, but this week, the kale in the supermarket was technicoloured! Fortunately for us, Diamond doesn’t like it… all the more for us 🙂

Watercolour class

I have been working on this painting at my watercolour class since before the summer holidays. It’s based on a sunset photo I took across the Bay of Gibraltar from our home. I’m not altogether happy with how it turned out, I may tinker with it a bit more. It’s so tricky to get the beautiful colours down on paper.

The start of a beautiful weekend 

Yesterday morning we were up bright and early for a certain young man’s first ever football match. He has been training for over a year (well over if you count all the touchline kickabouts I had with him while his big brother was training). It was an exciting morning for him and his teammates and a great experience for them.

Us spectators enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine as well as the match – it was well worth getting up early on a Saturday for.

A sunny walk

I decided to make the most of the lovely autumnal weather yesterday afternoon and went for a walk up the Rock. The sky was clear and you could see for miles.

The real thing…

So I finish with this picture taken by Mr Postcard yesterday evening as the sun was setting (I think I was watching Strictly Come Dancing at the time so completely missed it!). It just goes to show that you can try to capture the beauty of a sunset on paper, but you can’t improve on the real thing!

And finally, I have made mention a couple of times lately that I haven’t had much time for blogging in recent weeks. In fact, I have wondered whether I should take a break from it for a while. Last Sunday I was approached by a lovely lady who asked if I wrote Postcard from Gibraltar and said how much she enjoys reading my posts. I guess sometimes things happen for a reason… for now I shall continue and see where it leads.

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #106 22.10.17

  1. I love reading your blogs and seeing Gibraltar through your photos. I’m sure at times it must be hard to fit it all in to your busy life and sometimes you have to think what is best for you and what works within your life. I do hope that you can and will carry on with your blogs as I for one would miss reading Sunday Sevens. Thank you for taking the time to share it all with us. Oh and I love your watercolour it looks amazing. Love Marion ( Pinklady558)

  2. Oh yes, I remember Biff and Chip – my kids are now in their late 20s but it was a lovely reminder of those reading books and school bags.
    The painting is lovely! and the cuffs look like they are coming on well. You are certainly making the most of the glorious weather, its been a lovely Autumn so far.

    1. Thanks so much Fred! I quite like the Biff & Chip stories, although I know some people hate them. They lead such exciting lives!! 😊 Yes the weather has been wonderful lately, although I fear the wellies will be coming out soon!

  3. Love ‘The Whatsit”, but my boys never brought that one home. It was ‘Peter and Jane’ when we were kids, wasn’t it? No wonder you’re inspired to capture such stunning sunsets – or sunrises, if early morning football is going to be a regular fixture! Whenever I feel like taking a step back from blogging, someone always gives me a reason to continue by saying how they enjoy my posts and Sunday Sevens – people who I never thought would follow me!

    1. You are right Sheila – it was Peter and Jane!! I actually bought a ladybird book for my littlest to read over the summer break and it was a Peter & Jane story, it took me back for a lovely trip up memory lane!!
      I have been blown away with some lovely comments regarding blogging. I didn’t mention it to fish for compliments, it was a bit of an afterthought if I’m honest, but I’ve been amazed at the positivity and encouragement I’ve received. 🙂

      1. I know, and lots of people read my blog that I didn’t know about simply because the vast majority don’t leave comments. It’s uplifting when you realise that you reach hundreds more readers than you thought and it’s enough to keep me blogging.

  4. I love your blog and would miss it if you took a break, but I understand that sometimes we need breaks! Your watercolor is beautiful, I love how striking the orange sunset is against everything else. 😊

    1. Thanks Denis, yes it was rather busy. I know kale would be fab nutrition if I could get them to eat it… the youngest eats all sorts of veg quite happily, eldest not too bad but middle one – carrots and sweet corn are the only veg he’ll eat unless it’s blitzed into a pasta sauce so you can’t notice it! As for kale – not a chance sadly…

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