Sunday Sevens #83 14.5.17

Hello there! This installment of Sunday Sevens begins and ends with the Med Steps. It was the Med Steps 5 Challenge yesterday and this morning I am feeling every step I climbed! It was worth it though, a great sense of achievement comes with knowing I’ve completed the challenge, but that is nothing to the challenge faced by the people who use the Cancer Relief Centre here in Gibraltar.

Here’s my weekly round up:

3 times round again!

Last Sunday I went out for my last three times round training session in readiness for yesterday’s challenge. This time last year, me and my training buddies had done at least one four times round session and plenty others in between. Three was the most I could fit in this year.

Finished sleeves 

In my dressmaking class, I managed to complete my sleeves and attached the linings – just got the hem of my dress to finish now 🙂

More Med Steps 

On Wednesday morning I got back up the Steps with one of my training buddies from last year. It was a hot morning and we could feel the sun beating down on us. You can’t underestimate how much harder the heat can make it. I kept trying to imagine that we were walking through a cool damp cloud… it didn’t work!

Gibraltar Crochet Collective 

At this week’s meeting of the Gibraltar Crochet Collective I began work on the border of our Sixty Million Trebles blanket. The requirements for the blankets submitted to the appeal have now changed, so this is going to be a smaller blanket for a young child. We are going be starting a new collective project soon…

Watercolour Steps 

I think I’ve finished my watercolour interpretation of the Med Steps. It’s not exactly how I imagined it would be in my head at the start, but I think it’s finished. (Please excuse the slightly battered mount)

Evening stroll

On Friday evening I found myself at Europa Point at sunset, it’s amazing how different the atmosphere is there at dusk. There are no tourists or kids at the park, it was really tranquil.

Challenge complete

These five stamps mean I completed all five laps of the Med Steps in the Med Steps 5 Challenge yesterday. I’d say laps 2,3 and 4 were the worst!! 😝 It was very warm, but the support of fellow walkers, organisers and the wonderful cause it was for is what kept me going. I was amazed to see that not only had I completed all five, but I did it 15 minutes faster than last year! I really don’t know how that happened!

I took quite a few photos of the event, so please watch out for a Med Steps 5 post coming soon!

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series created by Natalie at Threads & Bobbins.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #83 14.5.17

  1. That artwork of Medsteps is lovely.
    For me laps 4 and 5 were the worst I got stuck behind some tourists and it slowed me down.
    Well done for achieving the 5 rounds 🙂

    1. Thanks Sandra and well done to you too. I was surprised at the number of tourists there were there yesterday I got stuck behind a large party of Spanish walkers with walking poles who seemed reluctant to let people past on one lap. Still we managed it and that’s really quite an achievement to be proud of!

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