Postcard from Gibraltar Podcast Episode 009 : Understanding Gibraltar with Joshua Lhote 

Gibraltar is unique in so many ways and one of the things which makes it so is its diverse community and that community’s ability to live together amicably. Here, people from many diverse faiths and backgrounds live together in tolerance and respect for one another.

A think tank, called Understanding Gibraltar, has been set up to look at why and how the different faiths and religious groups here can live side by side so well and with a view to perhaps exporting the Gibraltar model elsewhere in the world. 

In this episode of the Postcard from Gibraltar Podcast I caught up with Joshua Lhote from Understanding Gibraltar to find out all about it.

**You can hear the podcast by clicking here**

You can find out more about Understanding Gibraltar by searching for their page on Facebook.

This podcast was recorded and edited by Postcard from Gibraltar.

The theme music is Happy Me by Twisterium 

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