The Postcard from Gibraltar Podcast! (Episode 001: Christmas & New Year Festivities)

A New Year means a new podcast, in fact this is the first in a whole new series of podcasts. The plan is to release a new episode every fortnight and see how it goes. I hope to be able to bring you some of the sounds of Gibraltar and introduce you to some of the fascinating people who make the community I live in a thriving, interesting place to be.

Catalan Bay Polar Bear Swim

In this episode you can join me dipping my toes into the Med on Boxing Day, climbing to the top of the Rock on New Year’s Eve and soaking up the atmosphere at the Three King’s Cavalcade.

View from the Med Steps


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Theme music: Happy Me by Twisterium

Incidental music : We wish you a merry Christmas, played badly by me.

One of this year’s Cavalcade floats

3 thoughts on “The Postcard from Gibraltar Podcast! (Episode 001: Christmas & New Year Festivities)

  1. Fabulous!! You are such a pleasure to listen to. You speak so naturally and easily and made me chuckle a couple of times! And man, climbing those Med Steps is made even more impressive by that wonderful photograph on this post. I climbed about 20 m up steps to a waterfall recently and was nearly dead by the time I got to the top 😀 Your playing isn’t so bad either 🙂 Well done, I’ll look forward to more podcasts!

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