Sunday Sevens #18 14.2.16

Happy Valentines Day! Welcome to my eighteenth Sunday Sevens post. Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series created by Natalie at Threads & Bobbins. If you fancy joining in check out her blog for more information.

Tab-top curtain finished!  I finished the second of my sample curtains at my home furnishings class this week. I did fear that I’d fail to reach this milestone, as last week (when I was at class I was feeling a bit under the weather) I managed to sew my tabs on the wrong side! I began this week’s  lesson unpicking them all, remeasuring the spaces between, and having to reattach them -only to discover that the bottom thread spool was loaded in the machine wrong and there was a delightful row of loopy knotted stitches below so I had to unpick it again!!! Persistence paid off and I got there in the end. I proudly showed it off to my boys at home to which they said ‘so which window will you hang it in?’ When I said none -it’s just a sample, were very unimpressed at this total waste of my time! 


 Tuesday of course was Shrove Tuesday, and that means pancakes! We are a house-full of pancake lovers – well me and the boys are. As Mr Postcard was away in England on business and therefore didn’t need to be fed by me, I decided that we should have pancakes for dinner. Cheese and ham savoury ones followed by sweet ones (think sugar & lemon or chocolate sauce & sprinkles) for dessert. We loved them. I followed the pancakes with a Creme Egg just to make myself feel really sick and convince myself that giving up chocolate for Lent is a good idea. Here goes… wish me luck!

Gathered skirt finished! 

 At last I have finished the second skirt of my dressmaking course. A week of poorly children and a week with a brain fuddled by the germs passed on by said children meant I’d fallen well behind on progress with this course. One fellow student is on her fourth skirt already!!! I’m pleased with the workmanship of it but not so much with the style. It rather accentuates my widest part, so perhaps it won’t become a wardrobe staple. But at least I can now fit gathers in a waistband, incorporate ‘invisible’ pockets and attach a centred zip so that’s something to be pleased about. Next project: a half-circle skirt (I fear some maths is involved to draw the pattern for this -not my strong point, so watch this space).

 A walk in the clouds Thursday was supposed to be Med Steps morning but the weather had other ideas. I woke to hear the rain lashing against the windows. The wind and rain ruled out the steps as it would have been too dangerous, so I took a trip up the Rock via the roads instead. I got a few strange looks from passing drivers (I was the only loony out on foot) and I got completely soaked but I felt better for it!

Sneaky peak at my latest painting

  This was a practice for my current watercolour painting based on one of my photos from my strolls around Gibraltar. It’s a bit like the finished article but not quite, you’ll have to wait until next week for that one ;-)…

Gib Talks 

 This is the John MacIntosh Hall, venue for the Gib Talks event which was held there yesterday. It was a great event and just one example of the vibrant range of cultural happenings which we enjoy here in Gibraltar. Eighteen speakers talked for 15 minutes each on a wide range of topics from depression to dragon trees, bike-riding to premature babies. For more information on it, see my last post A little bit of Gib Talks 2016.

Bunny capers 

 I’ve not shared any photos of our little bunny lately so here he is. He got a clean cage last night and for the first time we replaced his wooden litter with straw and he loved it! He sat there eating it for ages, I hope he stopped before he got a tummy ache! He really is a sweetheart and a great addition to the family. He loves being cuddled and stroked which is fortunate as number 3 son is totally besotted with him and makes a beeline straight for him after school.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #18 14.2.16

  1. I’m impressed with all the skills you have and are learning, in love with your bunny and in sudden and dire need of a Cadbury’s crème egg. I might have to get Mr. T to bring me one back from England next week. Good luck with giving up the chocs for Lent.

    1. Thank you. I think I need to keep learning things to keep my brain from rotting! Sorry if I’ve set you off yearning for a creme egg! Thanks I’ll need all the luck I can get. It’s the absentminded eating of chocolate which does for me each year! All of a sudden unexpectedly someone will offer me a sweet or chocolate biscuit and I eat it without thinking! 🙂

  2. Aaaawww your bunny is very sweet! He looks so soft & fluffy! Love the sneaky peek at your painting – can’t wait to see it in full! I made the gathered skirt out of Tilly’s book, very similar to yours. Loved it on the hanger but hated it on…I do wonder what type of figure that style of skirt actually suits! I do love the fabric you’ve used for yours 🙂

    1. Thanks Natalie, it was a nice corduroy which, if I wore it, would be lovely and warm. It was tricky to sew though, especially the waistband as it was so thick. I’m going to use a much thinner fabric next time and make a summer skirt to make life easier for myself!

    1. Thank you – I’m making friends with the skirt and actually wearing it today! I decided to put it on for my next dressmaking lesson. Bunny is very cute – I have to agree with you on that! Have a great week 🙂

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