Birthday cakes, bubbles & baby birds

A special young man had a birthday recently, and as we are on holiday, I took the easy option and ordered some special cupcakes rather than baking myself. Aren’t they wonderful? On seeing them for the first time as we sang ‘Happy birthday to you’, his first word was ‘Wow!’

They tasted as good as they looked, with vanilla sponge and buttercream underneath the superhero icing toppers. They were made by a very talented lady who runs the Yummy Mummy Cake Company in Manchester. Check out the Yummy Mummy Cake Co webpage to see more of her amazing creations.

The weather hasn’t been quite as glorious this week, but that has not stopped us getting out into the garden. No matter what your age, you can’t beat blowing bubbles!

Another family making use of my parents’ back garden at the moment is a new family of wrens. We’ve been catching glimpses of Mummy and Daddy wren shooting in and out of the nesting box at great speed feeding the chicks over the last couple of weeks. We were lucky enough to get a brief look at the busy new parents at quite close quarters one evening. Please excuse the grainy pictures, but it was the best I could manage, as they don’t hang about for long!

I’ll leave you with a few photos of my Mum’s stunning hydrangeas, the colours just looked fantastic in the evening light.

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