Daisy chains, buttercups & damsel flies



We’ve had a great time today doing something I like to do every summer. We drove out into the stunning Cheshire countryside and visited the lovely Marbury Park. There’s wide open green spaces for a picnic and a kick about with a football and a beautiful woodland walk.

It’s so nice to be able to share some of the things I previously took for granted with my boys. We don’t get daisies in Gibraltar, nor do we get buttercups. They had never heard of a daisy chain before today – let alone seen one, and as for shining a buttercup under your chin to check whether you like butter? They had no idea such scientific tests were possible!


I have to warn you that I adore trees, and green leaves…. There are quite a few photos of trees coming up!

Our woodland walk took us through the mature Northwich Woodlands to the edge of Budworth Mere (below).


It was quite a nature trail we were on, seeing rabbits and squirrels (including a fast-moving white squirrel which I was too slow to get a photo of). By the water’s edge, on a stretch of greenery was a mass of damsel flies. Their blue bodies stood out brightly against the green leaves.

I took so many pictures of the beautiful things we saw, trying to store them away, so that I can remember them when we get back home to Gibraltar. The foxgloves were so pretty.

Now it’s time for my green tree appreciation bit… I just LOVE trees!

And I love ferns!


Get a load of those leaves with the sunlight shining through them!


On the edge of Marbury Park is the Trent and Mersey Canal. It was looking a little murky today but there were a couple of lovely narrow boats moored further along looking pretty.

Along with the delights of daisy chains and buttercups, my boys were introduced to the delights of ‘sticky willy’ on our woodland adventure today. I spent much of the walk adorned with bits of it stuck to my clothing – much to the delight of the smaller members of the party. I got a few weird looks from passers-by!

 After our walk, the best reward for small people with tired legs has to be ice cream. Where better to get one than an ice cream farm? 

A short drive from Marbury Park is the Great Budworth Ice Cream Farm. It tasted as good as it looks! We were even able to see the cows responsible for providing the cream and say thank you!
For more information about Marbury Country Park & the Great Budworth Ice Cream Farm, click on these links:

Northwich Woodlands
Great Budworth ice cream farm

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  1. Lovely post, I felt as if I was on a lovely nature walk. Thank you for reminding me of some of my own childhood memories….buttercups, daisy chains, sticky Willys, although we called them sticky Johns.

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