11 thoughts on “2017 Weekly photo challenge (Week 30) : Cache

  1. This is really interesting word for the photo challenge. Pokemon seems to be a perennial favourite. My youngest is 24 and loved them so much she wanted to marry Ash Ketchum!

    1. Yes, it is an intriguing one I really scratched my head trying to think of something to include this week. Funnily enough when we were back in England last week, my younger brother arrived with a couple of Pokémon figures to give to my boys – they were from the mid-90s when he had been into them! They are antiques!!

      1. Ha ha! Don’t think we have ours anymore. I do have the Polly pockets – which my 30 year old niece and her friend went mad over when I got them out for the friend’s daughter – and puppy in my pocket. Guess they’re antiques too 🙂

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