2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 22) Lost

This little chap got lost last year. I got the fright of my life as I walked past the lounge door and spied him flying about indoors – he must’ve taken a wrong turning and  flown in through the open front door. When I tried to rescue him he got himself trapped between the sashes of our old wooden windows.

Thankfully I have a young botanist in the house and he rose to the challenge of rescuing the Blue Tit. We brought him outside and popped him on the balcony. I fully expected him to fly off straight away but he stayed for a while to compose himself before scooting off to find his friends.

I’m linking with Wild Daffodil and Nana Cathy for this we key photo challenge throughout 2017.

7 thoughts on “2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 22) Lost

    1. Thank you Denis, thankfully I have a Dr Doolittle in the family! He’s a great fan of creatures, I think if we still lived in England in a house with a back garden he would be out there digging up worms most of the time!

    1. Haha, yes I did get quite a surprise! When I was growing up we had a budgie and he used to fly around the lounge, so at first I did a double take and thought it was the ghost of long dead Nicky, but quickly came to my senses and realised I wasn’t seeing things after all!!

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